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New Moon: Time to Manifest

In life there are many cycles… Seasons, years, laundry… But there is a very powerful cycle that we can visually see and feel on a monthly basis. Its strong enough to shift the tides of the ocean, therefore its strong enough to shift the energy inside ourselves. It’s the cycle of the moon! We can begin to move our life into this cyclical pattern of the moon. As the moon grows, we grow. As the moon releases, we release.

The new moon is a time of reflection and manifestation. The sky is completely dark with no illumination from our sister moon. Within us is this moment to get introspective. How can we coordinate this same energy within our daily life? Maybe you start to wear all black and take extra time for rest. You could also use your meditations to think about what has happened in the cycle before. What were your successes? What were your moments for opportunity? What do you want to bring with you into the next phase of the journey?

Here are five ways to bring the energy of the new moon into the next phase of your journey. You don’t have to do all of them. Even one would bring you into better alignment and set you on a course for manifestation.

1. Journal

New Moon is a power manifestation time, a time when we can plant our seeds to grow. What is it that you want to happen in your life? What do you want to attract? This is a great time for journaling. Vision your month ahead in your journal as a quite and introspective practice. By scheduling time to invest your energy in your needs and wants you can begin to shape your future. Take some quite time to sit with your thoughts. Then, write it all out on paper. Just let the words flow out of you organically. Feel the energy moving from your head to your heart and out your pen. Once you feel done, go back and reread it. Reread and reread, even aloud. This allows the universe to hear you, to hear your desires.

2. Set an Intention

Now, lets make it into a statement and proclaim it. Once you proclaim it with faith and love, it is yours. Some simple sentence starters would be:

I am….

I have…

I will…

3. Meditate

After you have spent some time journaling and intention setting about what it is you want to attract, get into the feelings of it. Can you visualize what these ideas would feel like when you have them? Get into the emotion of it. Allow yourself to be enveloped by the feel good sensations of what you are bringing in to your life. Sit with it for 5 to 10 minutes a day during the new moon and in the weeks ahead.

4. Pick a Stone

If you have a selection of stones in your crystal collection, give them some time to speak to you. Sit in front of them and see which one stands out at the moment. If you are working on something specific, maybe you research the stone you want to work with. Either way is just fine. Do what speaks to you. You may put the stone out under the new moon. Preferably in the ground, dirt. So the stone can reconnect with The Mother. After she has spent time in the new moon, let this be your talisman as you move through daily life. Keep it with you. In your pocket, bra (if it is small and polished), or purse. You can meditate with it in your left hand. Allowing your body to absorb its vibrations. The stone will work with you in the way it should.

5. Say a Prayer

Go outside under the dark sky, find a place to sit in the darkness, and say the following prayer.

“Under the New Moon, I am grateful for new beginnings. I welcome transformation. I welcome growth. I grow as the new light that begins to shine upon me. I will stay on this path until I reach my highest potential. I know in my heart that I am there. I am one with the moon. So I trust. As above, so below. “

You may add in more here regarding your specific desires. Make sure that you always finish with, “Give me the guidance that is for my highest good and for the good of all.”

Many new moon blessings you. I hope that you can use one or a few of these in this new moon cycle. If not now, she will cycle back around. As she always does.

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